Generic Ambien and Hallucinations

One of the most mystery side effects of generic Ambien is hallucinations

Generic Ambien (Zolpidem) belongs as a sedative-hypnotics drug and mainly used to treat short-term sleep disorders (insomnia). There are two forms the original generic Ambien and generic Ambien CR.
Generic Ambien CR is a slow release form that helps not only to fall asleep but stay asleep all night.
There is a current problem with the original form of generic Ambien (Zolpidem) which is while this medication helps a person fall asleep it is not helpful to keep person to stay asleep all night long and once he is awake he cannot fall asleep again.
The average prescribed dosage of generic Ambien is 2.5 mg, than should be taken right before going to sleep.
Although generic Ambien is used to treat short-term sleep problems during the period less than 1-2 weeks,there are known cases when generic Ambien have been taking for years.
In this case, the effectiveness of generic Ambien reduces and to get the effects of generic Ambien the dosage should be increased up to 10 mg.
Ambien and Hallucinations Considering all side-effects of generic Ambien and possible addiction to it, it is strongly recommended not to use it longer than 1-2 weeks.
One of the most mystery side effects of generic Ambien is hallucinations.
The link between appearance of hallucinations and generic Ambien (Zolpidem) is not fully clear even for doctors.
Generic Ambien as all medication has variety of side effects, but hallucinations and sleepwalking are the biggest concern for the Ambien users.
Visual hallucinations are the most common type that the Ambien users notice. An interesting fact about these hallucinations is that they can come in several different forms, like following:
  • seeing a mixture of colors with eyes closed or opened,
  • seeing objects or moving people such as people being rained on by colorful popcorn or dancing on the ceiling above you bed.
  • seeing objects or people that are not actually present.
Hallucinations can be considered as real. That means that the person cannot explain the difference between hallucinations and reality.
Another case if person realizes that he is seeing hallucinations but keeps seeing them.
There also auditory hallucinations possible. In this case people hear voices. Sometime these voices tell him to do things that he would not do normally.
If you noticed side effects of using generic Ambien you should tell about it to your doctor.
You can buy generic Ambien online. In this case you can buy Ambien without a prescription. However, you should not purchase Ambien without consulting about it with your doctor.

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