Generic Ambien and Sexual Life

After taking generic Ambien you may also experience impotence

Generic Ambien is a sleep drug that is used to treat 1-2 weeks sleep problem.
Ambien is sold the form of tablet form. Those tablets should be taken only orally. Generic Ambien should be taken before going to bed and if you are going to dedicate to sleep at least gull 7 hours.
Generic name for Ambien is also Zolpidem.
Some of generic Ambien side effects can be life-threatening.There are also some side effects like sexual side that are unpleasant.
In general, side effects of generic Ambien can be mild or severe. You should understand clearly that it is very important to notify your doctor about all side effects you might have as a result of using generic Ambien. And it is very important to ask for an emergency medical help if you have a severe side effect as a result of using generic Ambien.
In case you noticed that you are having a mild to moderate side effect, like a decreased sex drive, you should talk with your doctor, as he/she may adjust your dose or proposed other medications or treatment.
Ambien and Sexual Life Other generic Ambien (Zolpidem) side effects that may be caused are lack of inhibition or feeling of recklessness. In particular, lack of inhibition may cause you to experience sexual restlessness.Lack of inhibition may also lead you into performing reckless sexual acts, or to get sexually aggressive in the hight amount than normal. If you experience those side effects you should consult with you doctor about this as soon possible.
Since generic Ambien is a sedative, it may also come with inability to perform sexual intercourse or waning sexual desire. Generic Ambien should be taken very thoughtfully and only according your doctor prescription. However if you buy Ambien online, you can buy generic Ambien without a prescription.
Another important caution is that if generic Zolpidem (Ambien) is consumed before sexual intercourse begins, you may fall asleep suddenly just during sexual perfomance.
After taking generic Ambien you may also experience impotence, a lack of sexual desire, or inability to achieve climax. It is important to tell your doctor about all side effects that happened to you.
There are also side effects caused of using generic Ambien that are life-threatening and thus need immediate emergency medical help.
There are following life-threatening side effect of using generic Ambien:
  • skin rash or breaking out in hives,
  • difficulty breathing;
  • swelling of the face (neck, jaw, tongue or lips).

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